Rover Explorer Service Association (Delta Group)


Rovering was first re-introduced in Shanghai (after Rovering stops many years in PRC) & Shanghai Scout Club (SSC) was founded by KK Yap on 2006. The club served as a club for locals & foreigner that accepted the rovering life style & the Scout Promise & Law. Many camps & trainings were organized & Scout Masters were trained too.

On 2008, a group of local Scout Masters (from SSC) decided to have the club to turn into a Scouts Association. The Scout Master (Rover Ye) among the local Scouters leads the way & on the same year, the Scouts Association, PRC (SAC) was officially founded & since then, the association expanded to other provinces.

Due to the SAC can only be participates by locals, Delta Baden Powell Association (DBPA) / locally known as Team Delta Rovers (TDR) was formed to serve the foreigner & SAC (where SAC are chattered under the umbrella of DBPA). Major Camps / Jamborees (such as Training Camps, JOTA, JOTI & JOTT) are organized by SAC. Advice & guidance to hold it are from DBPA. All SAC Commissioners are members of DBPA too.

On 2010, DBPA joins & chattered under the Rover Explorer Scouts Association (RESA) IHQ in UK & work as a branch in East Asia (particularly in PRC for a start). DBPA has expanded to other country & open up an association (using the name of Rover Explorer Service Association (Delta Group) / RESA Delta in Malaysia & both DBPA & RESA Delta active as Brother Association. In Singapore, we have Lone Rovers & they reported to Malaysia side.

On 2011, due to administration constraint (after long discussion among PRC & Malaysia Commissioners), the Commissioners agreed & moved the HQ from PRC to Malaysia. All sites shall share the name of Rover Explorer Service Association (Delta Group) / RESA Delta starting on 2011. Due to these changes, the HQ of RESA Delta is in Malaysia (& also works as an office for South East Asia region) & an office was setup in PRC (for the East Asia Region) too.

On 2012, we started to have Lone Rovers in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong & Indonesia. A gathering were held in Malaysia on 2013 (called Asian Traditional Camp 2013).


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